Oakura School Koru Landing Oakura School Koru Landing Oakura School Koru Landing

Oakura School Koru Landing


The brief was ultimately about transforming an existing unpleasant area into an enjoyable space for the children. Historically it had been a cold closed in area with a raised central planter and linear seating along the edges.

The new space had to become an inviting area for a variety of activities and also a space that created interesting pathways connecting to existing buildings, gardens and play activities.  References to the coastal nature of the school were also important with the inclusion of a variety of textures and natural materials.


Oakura, Taranaki


An exposed aggregate Koru with polished Paua inserts is a central feature of the space with intimate areas of curved seating tucking into its shape.  The Koru Landing – the official name for this area, forms a gathering space and a processional pathway to the Pohutukawa Centre.

Other features – the raised  timber  boardwalk ; the  two leaf platforms; the exposed aggregate ramp; the curved platforms ; the  sleeper pathway and the jetty have become part of a circuit that  connects to existing play structures and platforms  and future play areas, and to the  curved tiered riverstone seating area that faces out to the courts which has  become a connected outdoor arena  for classroom performances and learning.

Since its completion this area has become a vibrant, interesting, connected and thoroughly enjoyed space by all.




Helen Peters