Oakura School Classrooms Oakura School Classrooms Oakura School Classrooms Oakura School Classrooms

Oakura School Classrooms


The classrooms were to cater for the new entrants to the school. Located, integrated into the area of the school site out of the way of older children but near other junior classrooms. The design was to encompass and provide principles of the MOE “modern learning environment” within and around the classrooms. If possible the classrooms were to have easy access to the junior playground areas of the school. Design language, of the new buildings, was to reflect the other buildings, in the near vicinity, of the school. If budget allowed, the design was to include separate toilet facilities.


Oakura, Taranaki


To site the buildings adjacent to the existing junior classrooms, with easy access from two roads, making it easy for parents to drop off, deliver and pick up their children before and after school. Building scale was set more for the young(er) children. Spaces within main classroom areas were created to allow several activities to be undertaken consecutively. Acoustic wall was included between the classrooms to allow both classrooms to be integrated for team teaching. Outdoor courtyards were constructed for classroom activities. Large sliding doors were provided to allow classrooms to be opened up to the courtyards giving easy access to the junior playground area, which was redeveloped, at the completion of the building work. Colours were chosen to give vibrant and friendly feelings.




John Ardern

Chris Robinson